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Staat u voor een dichte deur omdat uw sleutels gestolen zijn? Of heeft u uw sleutelbos verloren? Is uw deur geforceerd en is uw voordeur onbruikbaar door de schade?



Voordelen van onze slotenspecialist


Door inbraakbeveiliging beschermt u uw woning tegen indringers, dieven en vandalen. Neem vandaag nog contact op en wij bieden u de allerhoogste inbraakbeveiliging.

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Slot vervangen

Is uw sleutel afgebroken? Gaat uw deur niet meer open of dicht? Dan is het tijd om uw slot te vervangen.  Bel onze specialisten voor hulp op maat.




#1. Locksmith

Locksmith Amsterdam


If you are in desperate need of a skilled locksmith Amsterdam professional, don’t look any further. Because we are here to offer help! You might have misplaced your keys or broken a lock. Either way, you can call us anytime for a quick fix. We have several years of valuable experience operating our locksmith Amsterdam service and we have served thousands of clients till date.

Our experience in the locksmith business in Amsterdam

Our Locksmith company and team boast of decades of valuable experience in solving a wide range of lock-related challenges for our clients in Amsterdam. No challenge is beyond our scope, we take full control of the situation and do our very best to replace damaged locks while keeping your door frames intact. Our Locksmith Amsterdam professionals are the most skilled workers you could ever work with. They know their job and they do their job. They are familiar with the different types of locks on the market and knowledgeable about how to fix each and every one of them. The experience of our trained professionals makes us stand out clearly from our competitors.

Our Services – Locksmith Amsterdam

Our services are reliable and affordable. Locksmith Amsterdam professionals will never leave your locks and door frames worse than they met them and our prices fit all pocket sizes. Our emergency service comes with 100% guarantee and if you are not satisfied with our work, you can request for a refund.

Locksmith Amsterdam – 24/7 Emergency Service

Take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service now and we will be on our way to your apartment right away. Your 2am call for a Locksmith Amsterdam will not be a bother to us at all. We find more pleasure in ensuring that you do not stay out in the cold because of a damaged lock. Our turnaround time is not more than 30 minutes. We take speed and efficiency quite seriously.

Our clients

Locksmith Amsterdam professionals work with companies, businesses and individuals. What matters to us is your needs. Your identity does not matter, once you have a lock issue, your problem is our problem too. Although, we do not wish that you keep having challenges with your locks, we will be happy to have you as a recurring client. Once you learn to appreciate the experience and the top-quality customer service rendered by Locksmith Amsterdam, we are certain that you will find it easy recommending us to family and friends.

Locksmith Amsterdam website

We have provided you with sample information about what our locksmith in Amsterdam offers, what we have done for our past clients and what we can do for you. We have compiled relevant information on questions you can possibly ask about lock-related issues also on this page. Call us now.

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